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EWRB Electrical Refresher Courses

     We are an Approved Electrical Workers Registration Board Competency Programme provider.


     Most registration classes covered including Limited Certificate and Registered workers who are required to attend a course on safety, testing and first aid prior to renewing their Practice License, Course includes CPR, First Aid, Safety and Testing.


We do not provide courses for Trainee Limited Certificate 








Includes EWRB Comptency, First Aid and CPR

Payment is now strictly required no later than 3 days before the course.  Internet banking only. No other forms are accepted.


When your booking is accepted we will send you an invoice. 


Please note that this fee does not include any fees payable to the EWRB.  It is your responsibility to apply for a practice licence and pay the EWRB fees.  Following the course we only update your EWRB record of training.

Quote from EWRB

"Our EWRB call centre has advised that they are received calls from EWs that have claimed that some CP Providers are giving misleading advice to CP attendees along the lines that the “course is all they need to do to renew their licence”.

Missing from this statement ( or similar statement) are the words “to be eligible to renew”. In fact it might be best that this phrase is not used at all as it gives the impression that by attending a CP course someone else will renew their licence for them….!!"






     The EWRB requires you to complete two short on-line learning modules before you attend the course.

     The modules provide an overview of the Electrical Workers Competency Programme and review key points you will need to know to complete the written assessment and practical exercises during the course.

     Modules will need to be completed prior to course. When your booking is confirmed a link to the modules will be sent in the confirmation. If you have done these peviously you do not need to repeat these.





     The CPR/First Aid part of the Electrical Refresher is undertaken by City First Aid Training Ltd.

    Note these are not full First Aid courses. They cover the refresher requirements of the EWRB.

     City First Aid run full first aid courses and we recommend you contact them. For

full details telephone 0800 277 222