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Portable Appliance Testing Training


       The Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 requires electrical equipment to be electrically safe. The Standard, AS/NZS 3760, sets out recommended testing methods. Testing of portable electrical equipment is important to reduce the risks of injury through electrical contact. Testing and tagging is not mandatory as there are several options within the Regulations. If testing is done to AS/NZS 3760, this is “deemed-to-comply” and will satisfy the statutory requirements. 



       The person doing the testing does not need to hold electrical registration, but needs to be competent. Testing is done using a Portable Appliance Test unit (PAT Unit), such as the Megger PAT 150. While testing can be done using ordinary electrician’s test equipment, this requires a greater skill level and therefore we do not provide this training.



        Persons are limited to testing single-phase portable appliances fitted with the standard NZ/AUS 10-amp plug. While three-phase portable appliances can be tested with a PAT unit using adaptor leads, these tests are limited, require a higher training and skill level so we do not provide this training.    



       Testing persons cannot do any repairs, even minor ones, such as fitting a new plug. Repairs must be done by a Registered electrical person who holds a current practising licence.



       We have several years' experience in providing the required training, usually done at your site by a Registered Electrical Inspector. The course takes about 3 hours. The cost, within the Christchurch area, is $360 + GST for the course which we limit to about three persons. We do not run group (public) PAT Training courses. Training includes basic electrical theory, safety knowledge, items needing checking, classes and types of electrical appliances and practical use of a PAT unit and the required results.



      You will need your own test unit (PAT). If you need to purchase one we can can advise on suitable  

models. If you do not have a PAT unit we have our own and you can decide after the course which model to purchase. There are many makes on the market, most available from electrical wholesalers. They are not all the same and offer different features, such as record storing and printing. Others require additional equipment to carry out all of the tests.



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