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Hi everyone

You may find, or have found, yourselves in a position where CP courses have to be cancelled due to alert level restrictions and you may receive queries from your clients due to the impacts on licensing renewals.

In the event this occurs, please advise the following:

1.       Email info@ewrb.govt.nz with a copy of their course cancellation email.

2.       The EWRB will reply and may advise of a waiver providing them with permission to renew with the condition that they complete a CP course within 2 months of their area entering alert level 2.

3.       If the EW has been advised of their waiver they may then go on-line to renew and pay the fee so their licence can be issued.

4.       A note will be placed on their file for follow-up confirmation of CP completion within the 2 month grace period.

5.       If the course is not completed within the 2 month grace period their new licence may be cancelled.

We must receive confirmation of a cancelled course and the EW must have received advice of their waiver before they go on-line to renew.

If alert levels 3 & 4 effect EWs who have yet to book a course and are failing to meet their CP requirements, we may consider them for a waiver on a case-by-case basis.

Kind regards

Susan Allan

Senior Licensing and Complaints Administrator

Occupational Licensing, Market Integrity

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

DDI 04 901 8540